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Urine therapy

Who knew that we have been created with our own medicine built in. For many though, the very suggestion of this is abhorrent, and that is a reflection of the dogma and programming that keeps the unwise from looking within for the answers to everything. Focusing instead outside, where there are no answers to be found.

Urine is truly a wonderful product, and is not a waste product. The kidneys deal with excess. Urine is a multi billion dollar global business, from mares tethered to collect urine they secrete to manufacture menopausal drugs for menopausal women, urine is used in eye drops (Murine being one brand). Urokinase is used to assist patients with heart attacks – and is created from the hundred of thousands of gallons of urine collected from male portable urinals on building sites. Many beauty products contain urine – urea. This is just a small snapshot of urines uses.

So before you dismiss this as bunkum, the rantings of a deranged man, stupidity and lunacy remember that you spent months of your life in urine being a major component of the amniotic fluid. Without urine your lungs would not have developed. That’s why babies skin is soft, supple, plump and they smell lovely. Top beauty models know the power of using urine on their skin.

If you get stung, or bitten by something poisonous – putting your urine into your mouth immediately will allow your body to create the anti toxin you need. Same goes for extreme burns, or profuse bleeding, or skin rashes and irritations including things like leprosy.

Taken internally the health benefits and recoveries from seemingly lethal problems are astounding.

Here are some books, videos and audios to have a listen to, if you are so inclined.

On the sovereign collective podcast

Distilled Waters Audio Book: Personal Pharmacy By Gary Ward

“Personal Pharmacy” by Gary Ward, 2002

“Personal Pharmacy” by Gary Ward Tape 1 Track 1 and 2

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And now for the female recordings…

Distilled Waters Audio: Gary Ward’s Female Orin Therapy Authors

Here are the six cassettes of female orin therapy authors which were included in the giant mega-binder by Gary Ward called, Personal Pharmacy…

Abbie Breit

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Dr. Alvenia Fulton N.D.,Ph.D.

Martha M. Christie

Gary Ward interviews Martha Christie