Your body NEEDS pure water

Why drink distilled water?

It is important to understand that water is not what it appears to be. The stuff that comes out of most taps, especially in cities whilst drinkable is hardly good for you. There is so much more to know about this miracle liquid that supports life. Watch out for plastic bottles, especially the soft plastic ones, where the plastic molecules leech into the water.

I have read that the water system is major cities tends to be a closed loop – so you are drinking wastewater (pee, drugs, chemicals not limited to recreational, etc) after it has been aggressively cleaned. There are problems with this – not only because the water carries all the negative energy, and thoughts and feelings in it (sounds like way out of left field tree hugging stuff I know, watch the videos and keep an open mind), and also it carries oestrogen from the female contraceptive pill in females urine. That in itself is a major cause for concern.

Rather than go too deep here – as it is a subject you could fill many books with I’ll leave you to do some more of your own research beyond what is here.

We should only drink Distilled water

Filtering water alone was not enough to clean it. In August 2020 I purchased a water distiller. I have made a video about why and show some of the junk that it is taking out of the water, above and beyond the Brita filter we had been using. The PPM meter reports 0 (zero) ppm after distilling. The look and smell of the residue that is left in the chamber are most unpleasant. Better it there than in my body has to be dealt with.

I’ve been drinking my own counter top distilled water exclusively for over 20 years – I attribute the fact that I have not gone grey at the age of 58 to this. I also have every person who hears my age tell me they did not beleive I was as old as I am. My skin is that of a late 30 year

Give your body the pure water it needs

This is the distiller I use.
Please note this is an affiliate link. I will make some money and it won’t cost you a penny more.

You can watch the videos here:

Why is distilled water the most potent health tonic for you?

Distilled Water: What doctors say, What people say:

Give your body the pure water it needs

This is the distiller I use.
Please note this is an affiliate link. I will make some money and it won’t cost you a penny more.

Since making the videos I have done a lot more study and conclude that we should only be drinking distilled water. The scare stories you may read about it leaching minerals are telling on part of the story. They leach inorganic minerals which is a vital thing to improve health. We are clogged up with junk. It will not force a cell to give up the organic minerals it has already absorbed. Yet more lies from the system that wants to profit from our demise. The more minerals that are deposited the more petrified we become, literally.

Distilled water carries a negative charge. Also found in rainwater, the water in all fruits and vegetables, and interestingly enough our urine, which is also distilled through the nephrons in the kidneys.

Everything that ails us, that should not be in the body, carries a positive charge. So drinking a lot of distilled water is key to get the literal “river of life” flowing again and not as a dried-up rocky river bed. Only then can it do the proper clean up that it is designed for and is capable of doing. From my studies a gallon a day for someone around 5 feet 10 inches and 75 kilos (how is that for mixing measuring systems) appears to be the minimum daily intake to get the spectacular results.

A recent comment on one of the videos:
For people who come here and want to start distilling water.

You can get 0-1 ppm water without carbon blocks if you fill the distiller up a little more than a gallon then you throw out the first 500-800 ml as this will contain most of the volatile organic compounds.
Also you can get more close to 0 than 1 if you stop the distillation process when there is still about an inch of water on the bottom of the distiller.
This is because as totality of the water is evaporating the temperature the remaining liquid is facing is much higher so will evaporate things that have a boiling point far above H20.

If you fail to remove the first 500-800 ml of water that comes out of a gallon distiller you are ingesting most of the volatile organic compounds.

I have read some incredible stories of healing and recovery from drinking a gallon (about 4 litres) a day of distilled water. Volume is the key.

Some information here for you:

Also I have placed a selection of books and articles here for you on the subject of distilled water. You can read online and/or download as you see fit.

One of my subscribers left me this comment comment on the video:

My family have been drinking distilled water for almost 25 years and we’ve only experienced benefits. Prior to this, my father and I were prone to getting kidney stones from our hard tap water, and my mother had stomach ulcers. But we have not had a single recurrence since drinking distilled water. My 101 year old father, 94 year old mother , 73 year old husband, and 69 year old self have never experienced any arthritic or other old age related aches and pains. My children and grandchildren also thrive on distilled water. We have never suffered any mineral deficiency, so disagree that this is even an issue. Once our cells have absorbed the beneficial organic minerals from our food, they don’t leach them out again. But non organic minerals that our cells have rejected (because they haven’t been absorbed) can be flushed out from between our cells when we drink distilled water, thus keeping our internal bodies cleaner.

Did you know you would have to drink a bath full of mineral water to get the equivalent calcium available in a glass of carrot juice? We should not be looking to our water to supply our minerals. The minerals we need come from our food. As well as cleansing every cell in our bodies, drinking pure distilled water protects us from many hazards found in tap water – e.g. bacteria like cryptosporidium, viruses, toxins, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs (it is said tap water has already passed through at least 7 other people and contains any drugs – like chemotherapy – that they have consumed), sewage leaks, and even radioactive particles. If you have fears about missing minerals or energy in distilled water, then just add a pinch of sea salt or Himalayan (ancient sea) salt as Adrian says, and expose your bottles of distilled water to sunlight for a few hours or store on a sunny windowsill like we do. You can buy perfectly good water distillers for very little money these days, and by making your own drinking water you will save yourself having to buy and carry heavy gallons of bottled water home from the supermarket.

Ann Wade

Give your body the pure water it needs

This is the distiller I use.
Please note this is an affiliate link. I will make some money and it won’t cost you a penny more.

All people have to do is see what’s left behind in the bottom of the water distiller. That will change their minds.

3/11/2023 – I’d like to draw your attention to a pressing issue related to water contamination that we believe is of utmost importance. Water sources worldwide are increasingly being contaminated with hazardous substances, including per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These harmful chemicals can lead to serious health effects when they enter the water supply. You can learn more about the dangers of PFAS caused by water contamination through these educational resources:

PFAS and Water Contamination:
Health Effects of PFAS Exposure:

This discussion with Dr Tom Cowan is very insightful:

I have been drinking distilled water for over a decade. I no longer need to wear eyeglasses and am pain free. Its the best thing I have done for my health.

More on Water

See the fascinating and well-researched work of Dr Masaru Emoto.

Water has memory – a great film from 2006

Give your body the pure water it needs

This is the distiller I use.
Please note this is an affiliate link. I will make some money and it won’t cost you a penny more.