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Are you a biological reality or are you identifying as a literary artwork?

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Is Devil’s Tower a giant tree?

From a post on Before our Time on Telegram.

When it comes to the origins of Devil’s Tower in the United States, the most common comment is “and you dig, if it’s a flint tree, there must be roots”. We dug. 

Scientists from the Wyoming State Parks Department arranged for photographic seismic measurements, “We found what looks like a giant root system originating from the base of Devil’s Tower. The root system was measured to a depth of 6.4km and a width of 11.2km. We are currently conducting research and tests to confirm that it is in fact a root system and not a coincidence.” Not for nothing did the Indians call this mountain the Tree of Life.

Let’s wait to see what they do with this discovery. It seems that someone will have to rewrite the history of the development of the Earth.

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Subversion and Solutions

Their Controlled Demolition and Our Path to Freedom


Originally posted February 18, 2023 by Amadha Dawn Vollmer on substack.

A neo-Marxist interdisciplinary social theory pushed forward via intellectual nutjobs who founded The Frankfurt School in 1923 has been a major factor in the subversive take-over silent war tactics we are witnessing today. Most people have no idea that the plantation owners have had long-game plans in the works for ages to create a One World Order via the UN 2030 Agenda to control all of their chattels, we the people. The drive to make our lives a living hell in order to corral mankind into their shitty, commie, fully surveilled SMART cities is in full swing: